Monday, January 24, 2011

Well here I am. Now what?!?!

I decided to start this "project" after being SO inspired by the many blogs and bloggers that I currently follow. I love blogs and I found myself sort of addicted to them over this past year. I think it's great how I can read about a single mom's journey to make things happen for her kids and then peruse some interesting gluten free recipes on a health blog. I love reading fashion blogs and looking at wonderful creative photography blogs. I love following travel blogs and finding great deals on frugal blogs. I LOVE BLOGS!!

I am definitely not an interesting person but being a young mother I do have a different perspective then most of my friends and recently they have been contacting me about various things I post on Facebook. I've been contacted about recipes and cooking, things I do with my daughters, what I wear and where I get clothes from, what my exercise regime consists of, etc. After almost everything I post someone sends me a message with a question or comment and I love that interaction with people. So, after setting lofty goals for myself this year I thought blogging about my experiences would be a great next step. It's a HUGE next step for me because as you can tell I am definitely not well written and finding time will absolutely be a challenge, but I don’t care! I promise that my ramblings will have good intentions and I’ll try to improve as I go. I’m not sure I have a niche yet but I hope this blog will start as a glorious potpourri and find its way into something all its own............even if it's just for me :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace and Love


  1. I think you have beautiful writing... just saying!

    Don't quit the blogging!

    You are my INSPIRATION!! <3

  2. I just realized now that these comment were here! Thank you so much for the love lady! It really means the world to me :)

    I'll keep blogging, if you keep reading ;)

    Much love,