About Me

JorDanna is an executive assistant and special events co-ordinator with a passion for healthy living and a deep love of all things food.  A self proclaimed lifelong learner, she constantly tries to make well informed lifestyle choices for both herself and her family. JorDanna’s quest for healthier meal options recently lead her to explore a plant based diet, and she ultimately fell in love with the numerous and undeniable benefits of eating vegetarian and vegan. Her conscious evolution is rooted in health but is quickly spreading to the environmental awareness and animal welfare issues that are at the core of the movement. As a busy working mom,  JorDanna understands that making healthy and responsible food choices can seem daunting, but hopes that by sharing her personal journey, others will see just how easy this way of living can be.  The goal of this project is to provide you with some inspiration and motivation for cooking with whole, fresh and clean ingredients in your own kitchen.